Tea History

Drinking a cup of tea is not just a pleasurable experience, it is a moment of harmony between body, mind and soul. We create tea blends that will make your moments unforgettable.

Armenia has many hidden treasures: historical, religious and of course botanical.

In our ecologically clean mountanios regions, we have a wide variety of herbs and plants, which have been collected and used in traditional cuisine and medicine for centuries. There is unique culture for wild-crafting, that is based on solar and moon calendars, with respect to the earth and aiming to harvest the plants at the perfect time, when they are outmost healthy and tasty...

Manana teas are 100 % naturally blended with real flowers, fruits, herbs and spices.

We combine traditions with the latest techniques to offer you superior quality teas.

We gather ingredients from Armenian highlands, where the sun and nature meet.

Our teas are GMO-free and do not contain artificial colors or fragrances.

Discover Our Blends

Drinking Manana Tea is a sort of family tradition. We gather every Sunday to enjoy the amazing Manana tea blends and have incredible time. We adore Elder Black tea and recommend everyone to taste it.

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