Bodhidharma (known as the father of both Zen Buddhism and Shaolin martial arts) was sitting in meditation for seven years before he became too tired to stay awake. He then sliced off his eyelids to prevent sleep and threw them on the ground, where they became tea trees. After picking some of the... Read More...


Some 5000 years ago, China was ruled by a wise emperor Shennong (the father of agriculture and herbal medicine whose name can be translated as “Divine Farmer”).
Shennong knew his people couldn’t survive by consuming meat and only fruit and vegetables that grew on their ow... Read More...

Fakir Dharma

Around 500 AD, Fakir Dharma wanted to spend 7 years with no sleep in order to devote his life to the Buddhist faith. After 5 years, he fell to the ground, and on his way down, he grabbed a branch. He shoved the leaves from the branch into his mouth, thinking that chewing would help keep him awake... Read More...