Manana Tea History

Armenia has many hidden treasures: historical, religious and of course botanical.

In our ecologically clean mountanios regions, we have a wide variety of herbs and plants, which have been collected and used in traditional cuisine and medicine for centuries. There is unique culture for wild-crafting, that is based on solar and moon calendars, with respect to the earth and aiming to harvest the plants at the perfect time, when they are outmost healthy and tasty...

We became apprentices of that culture, for years soaking in the values, practices and traditions of herb harvesting, researching the healthy properties, inventing and re-inventing best combinations for herbs and teas, so that we could create the perfect blends.

In 2006, our first products were ready to amaze and inspire customers.

Brand name came to us during first tasting of the final blends: Manana Tea.

“Manana” in Armenian means manna, the gift from above, from heaven. However, this word has deeper roots and wider meanings, like tomorrow, future and semolina.

Ever since its launch in 2006 “Manana Tea” has been actively and successfully conquering local and global markets and has:

  • 11 years of experience and proven quality under its belt.
  • Partnerships with international organizations, such as USDA Organic, DAR, Canada Organic, Green Caucasus, USAID/EDMC, RUEA to show for it.
  • Efficient distributions channels, with great partners to rely on: distribution centers, retailers, wholesalers and online trade experts (Amazon, Cream Supplies, ebay, ArmeniaOnline).
  • Clean legal and ethical history.
  • Impressive export profile that includes USA, almost all countries of EU, Russian Federation and CIS countries.

Manana Tea Organic line offers products created in compliance with norms and standards of EU and USDA certificates of organic products.

We are constantly researching and creating new blends that will become the jewels of your tea collection.